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Art & Business Strategy

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A Talk Show about growth and marketing strategies adopted by Artists to capture the industry, along with some trade secrets that have worked well for them.

The Inside World

A Podcast and Blog focusing on contemporary trends from a Business Perspective.


A biweekly playlist curated specifically based on a theme and a genre, also serving as a platform to promote Indie artists whom you must check out.

Evergreen Western Classics
The Scourge by Periphery
Christmas Curation 2020
Wine by Tejas
Work Kickoff Metalcore
All I want for Christmas is You
Must Listen Indian Indie
Can't make you love me
Gospel Indie
Cotton Candy by Spill Tab
Malayalam Indie
Help Us to Love by Tori Kelly
Beard of Harmony
Female New Age Upcoming
Eastern Roots Heavy Indie
Destiny by Pineapple Express
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Consultant by Profession

Musician by Passion

Foodie by Obsession

These are some of the things that describe me as a person.

I love to analyze and breakdown the concepts of things we see on a daily basis. My expertise lies in planning and executing strategies for launching products and services into new and existing markets in a way that transforms businesses and deliver customer success.

Apart from work; Food, Music, and Motorcycles entertain me.

I am a musician and a critic with an affinity for independent music. When it comes to food, I've developed a palate for  Japanese cuisine and I find great joy in visiting these places. For me personally, high-performance motorcycles rev up my soul. I unwind the best from long rides.

If there is anything more you'd like to know, please do reach out to me or check out my portfolio :)

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Thank you for reaching out!

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