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Among Us Growth Hack: Memes & Influencer Marketing?

Among Us is a testament to "Good things happen to those who wait". The game was released in June 2018 and had a very sluggish growth in terms of the user base. There were quarterly updates for the game right from 2018, but due to a low growth rate, they stopped the updates by the end of 2019. Everything changed for the game all because of a simple recommendation made by a Twitch employee to a popular twitch streamer named Sodapoppin, who streamed to over 2.8M users on twitch. He then used his established streamer community to join with him in the game. These streamers also concurrently streamed the game from their perspectives. From there, it was a cascading effect. These streamers influenced their respective communities to try out this game that was perfect for this lockdown season. The relatability and association of the recommendation struck a chord, and the user base exploded. On top of this, Among Us memes helped users to relate more to the game and find associations with other users similar to them, creating a larger community. It is the sheer relatability and content resonation that helped Among Us to grow exponentially. Even though Word of Mouth and Influencer marketing is unstructured, it worked


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