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Conquering Customer Retention with IDIC Framework

You can't be everything to all customers but you can be everything to some customers.

Developing and Retaining your customers/audiences is pivotal for any brand to expand and scale-up in the Industry.

The primary metrics that would help brands to classify customers would be from Customer Profitability and Customer Lifetime Value.

For the campaigns and product launch projects I've run, I personally prefer the IDIC Model to do the classification.

It involves 4 steps

1. Identify your cohorts to understand the demographics and it's revenue potential.

2. Differentiate your cohorts to understand what type of value proposition of the brand attracts them.

3. Interact with your cohort to streamline feedbacks and optimize areas that have heavy dependencies.

4. Customize your offerings to different cohorts based on their specific needs.

This as a whole hel

ps a brand to understand customer expectations on a whole new level and quantify the value they bring in to the business.


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