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Contemporary Tech facing a diminishing marginal utility crisis?

As the standard of living grows, each of us has our own set of standards for mobile devices. Some of them would be like 4GB RAM, 64GB Internal, 20MP Camera, 1.5GHz processor & many more.

Now the question we need to ask is, would we be able to correctly differentiate the performance between a 4GB RAM and a 6GB RAM? What about a 20MP Camera to a 32 MP Camera?

For an average consumer, it would be very difficult.

But at this current age, the only differentiating factor that sets apart products from each other is their user experience. UI/UX that empowers consumers to do tasks efficiently as before, sets a space of its own in the minds of their users.

During this lockdown, I have been using an iPhone 8 as my Moto screen and charging port have not been in good shape. So far, I've been having a horrid experience working with iOS.

I can't seem to download files from gdrive, app integrations are a joke, freemium applications are useless, can't find basic apps unless I pay, well the list goes on.

I feel as Apple kept upgrading their specs and forgot the key user experience or having a better transition for an android user making a switch

With respect to UI/UX, Android is in a different league of its own


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