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Disintermediation. The best way to get the vaccine asap to the consumers?

Last month I was fortunate to be in a call with Shashi Tharoor, for a debate on the role of our govt to face the post lockdown scenario. Even though multiple solutions were pitched the situation, the only sustainable one comes from the vaccine.

The big question that we need to ask is, whether the government has the capability to distribute to 1.3 Billion people systematically and if the vaccine costs are going to be subsidized or fully covered.

When we look at solutions to reduce costs and streamline logistics, Disintermediation is the key.

Disintermediation is the removal of third-party services that are in between the manufacturers and consumers. This removal breaks down the traditional distribution channels and reduces the costs drastically.

As the vaccine is being produced for the entire country, manufacturers can leverage economies of scale and sell at cost price if they are backed up by the government. Not only is the cost reduced, but the shipment delivery is also expedited.

Since India doesn't have a psychographic segmented consumer base like the US, the issue of people not taking the vaccine is out of the picture

Hopefully, the vaccine gets to us by December.

Fingers crossed.


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