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Tanishq Trolls responsible for Titan's path to a higher valuation?

In this day and age of entropy upon ideological difference, trolls play a major role in controlling the popular sentiments online. They attract attention to topics that would have never appeared to viewers organically.

The recent Tanishq controversial ad celebrating Hindu-Muslim co-existence, was heavily scrutinized from both sides. This issue has created multiple conversations online and offline, discussing how this issue could have been handled better.

Towards the end of the day, It is a game of online Impressions. Not bad publicity. The explosion of news results in investors evaluating Titan. They analyze the veracity and the impact of the news on the brand to make decisions in the market.

When we look at the share value of Titan from the date of the controversy, we can see that the price dipped for 2 days as many investors feared a major slip.

But as Tanishq has been a trusted brand for years, many investors stayed on and also many new ones came on board. The company has recovered the slip and is the path to its highest valuation.

Now the big question is whether the media hype has contributed to the company's overvaluation. Some investors are looking for the perfect time to short the stock


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