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The Apple Batterygate: A Devious Upsell strategy that backfired?

Apple is not a tech company. It is a religion valued at over 2 Trillion dollars. When you have a fanatic fan base, customers buy whatever you sell them. Every year Apple releases a new iPhone and the internet releases versions of selling your kidney jokes

In 2016, when Apple released the iPhone 7 & 7Plus, most of the previous versions were having widespread battery issues. As a solution, Apple released a patch update that supposedly limited the performance of the older models to enhance its battery life

What came as a solution resulted in the phones getting shut down at 30% charge and backend processes getting affected. When customers wanted to fix these issues from the update, they were offered to upgrade their phones to the latest model. A majority of them did; while some others, dove into the strategy.

Upon investigating, it was found that the update was secretly slowing down older iPhones. This was connected as a tactic to Upsell newer models to their customers and create an urgency for its purchase.

This destroyed the customer trust and paved the way for Androids as a better and cheaper alternative.

Apple denied all claims and opted for a $500M settlement to avoid expensive litigation fees


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