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Virat Kohli's brand value boosted by the Digital boom?

Kohli has risen as a demigod to a population of 1.3B with a brand value of over $237M. If we analyze how he rose to this level, the following series of events that coincided together are the reason for it. 1. Jio's Internet proliferation across demographies 2. Availability of cheap Chinese smartphones 3. Arriving at the peak of his form and performance phase 4. Online Accessibility of the icon before, during & post events Being in the right place at the right time does make all the difference. All of these fueled massively to his stardom and when he dated & married Anushka, the power couple brand name rose to new heights. Kolhi technically is the Indian version of Beckham. This resulted in him being the only Indian cricketer to be in the top 100 Forbes highest-earning athletes in the world, accounting for $26M a year. Out of which ~91% comes directly from sponsorships. A single sponsorship tweet from him can cost a company ~$350K. He positioned himself to the Urban youth segment for fashion, fitness & sports. Puma saw this opportunity to partner with him and released his brand OneX for $150M. Post-release, they saw an increase of 10% in Indian sales and 23% in growth. He defined what story performing actually is.


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