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Preferential algorithms responsible for Trump being able to acquire ~48% of votes?

As the US presidential election was underway, sources suggested a landslide win for

Biden. But as Election day came, many were shocked to see that ~50% of the population still wanted him in power.

The big question we need to ask is why people still voted for him even after the scandals and the office incompetencies came to light. One of the possible reasons would be because of the Online Preferential Algorithm.

We are fed content based on algorithms designed to keep us glued to the platform that offers it. More the viewers, the higher the platforms can charge for advertisements. 

But showcasing content without preferences would result in high attrition, which in turn brings lesser revenue. The cost of this goal to achieve higher revenue is having an audience fed skewed information, resulting in customers making choices without having all the information and facts.

Pro-Trump and Trump inclined supporters were fed with facts that were favorable to them and the nonreferential firewall made all the other facts hard to come organically.

The internet is designed to disconnect users from reality for monetary and corporate goals.

Hence do independent researches before making decisions in the market.


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