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Why do I not have a career as a Full-time Musician?

This is one of the most common questions that I get asked by the public. Well, the answer is in those 4 Factors

My entire musical foundation was built from the Church. Being in a choir regularly, built my base in western classical and provided me the skillsets to experiment. If you know me personally, you would know that I have three musical avatars: One for RnB, One for Soul and the other for Metal. These were my musical competencies.

When I look at my optimal target segment and account for a 10% increase YoY, I don't think the total lifetime value from all the customers could help me live comfortably.

I am that 6 chord capo'ed guitar guy who writes personal songs to a specifically curated audience of mine and prefer not to officially release the songs

The single biggest factor that made me understand my trajectory was that I wrote music for myself than for a target audience. This epiphany made me realize that the four target factors had no value in my current positioning

Hence building a career towards the consulting side of things proved to be more practical, stable, and lucrative.

Do I miss the stage?

Do I miss the band?

Do I miss the energy?

Way more than I can put it in words.

A big price paid indeed


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