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Why is scaling important for CRED at this stage?

Cred has been in business for over 2 years and came into the market with a unique proposition of incentivizing its customers while paying their credit card bills.

The idea of a company making money out of credit card payments with no extra charge seemed to be very odd to the public. Hence Cred created a brilliant marketing campaign for this IPL season, with some of the big names in the industry. The campaign gave an underlying message of "Not everyone gets it" in each of their ads. The ads focused on educating the niche value proposition to the market.

Cred aims to target the digital woke consumers who had to adapt their purchase channels and switch to digital modes of payments during this pandemic. Thus using IPL as a platform to advertise was a tailored decision to reach the maximum target demography as possible

The primary aim to scale its consumer base is to popularize the in house cred products called Rent pay and Discover. These are products from which they can create a revenue flow. Scaling helps the company to normalize the niche value proposition and eventually lead to more customer conversion and adoption. Once the scale kicks in, it creates a multiplicative effect on the revenue stream of the company


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