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The Inside World is a Talk Show about growth and marketing strategies adopted by Artists to capture the industry, along with some trade secrets that have worked well for them. The show aims to challenge the perceptions and social conventions towards Art Careers and address the limitations faced in the Indian market. The Initiative aims to evangelize Profitability and Sustainability in Art Careers. Here different artists share their own custom strategies they've used to capitalize on the market and talk about the Art ecosystem that is constantly evolving with new styles and techniques that are being discovered and developed.

Art Careers & Businesses are currently a very niche set of profiles in the industry and require a specific skill set to generate a steady flow of income. But on the contrary, the arts and music in India is a 1900 Cr industry that employs multiple artists. These artists do have specific strategies and approaches to make their careers sustainable and profitable. 

Over the 2 seasons of the Inside World, we hear multiple perspectives of Artists on how they positioned themselves as a brand and adopted a few interesting strategies that have worked well for them.


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