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Alvin Presley is an Indie Musician from Chennai known for his iconic EP "Fall Today", which is streaming on all major music platforms. He is also the lead singer for the band "Attva".

During his release for his EP "Fall Today", Alvin had religiously used Outbound Marketing Techniques to improve the content traction. He had used the best channels and personalized communication strategies for the optimal content penetration to his target audience.

Do check out the interactive video segmented into different topics that you can sift through as per your interest.

The following are the topics in discussion

1. Content Targeting Strategy : (2:05)

2. Personalized Communication Content: (4:24)

3. Paving Way for Fall Today :(7:34)

4. Communication Channel Preferences : (13:52)

5. EP Release Learnings : (20 :37)

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