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Diversification and Engagement Optimization

Mr. Kev is a singer-songwriter and an upcoming Indie Artist in the country. He is also the winner of The Chennai Voice Hunt Season 3. The episode focuses on the different strategies he had used for his project "Dummy in Love: Detox Overdose: and "Quarantino"

As a musician, Mr. Kev uses a diversification strategy to reach more audiences and uses that content as CTA for his musical projects. He has done a wonderful job in diversifying his content all the way from reviews, curations, live sessions, stand up and much more. 

Do check out the interactive video segmented into different topics that you can sift through as per your interest.

The following are the topics in discussion

1. Why a Diversified Content Strategy?

2. Types of Content with higher Traction

3. EP & Singles Release Learnings

4. The Alternate Content Project

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