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Insights vs Instincts. Can instincts be modeled into an ML algorithm too?

Rahul Dravid. The Wall. There is no better description for this man, whose composure and cool are way beyond comprehension. A couple of weeks back, he was a part of a Debate focused on Insights vs Instincts in cricket

He talked about how Insights had helped him captain Rajasthan Royals for the better by analyzing player stats for a better batting order positioning. He stated how RR selectively picked Brad Hodge by analyzing his stats around different types of bowlers and was made face the death over compared to the starting 5. This did absolute wonders.

Whereas there have been areas where Instincts served better than Insights and Dhoni was brought into the picture. His decision on choosing Joginder over Harbhajan for T20'07 WCup and saving Jadeja & Ashwin for the last two over in Champions Trophy'13 Final were purely based on instincts

Now the question to ask is, Is there a possibility to model instincts curated for a specific team?

Well, Maybe

A scoring algorithm can be used to build ranks instantly with a vector-based superpositioned quantum variable that changes its magnitude based on the game situation, providing the team with instinctive insights

Just a thought not tried out though


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